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I came to Lottafrutta the other day because Scoutmob and Lottafrutta teamed up to offer free fruit pops. They have a variety of flavors — mango + chili, pina colada, mexican chocolate, etc. I went with the horchata flavor, which was refreshing on such a hot day. The fruit pop itself is pretty much just a frozen cup of fruit juice (or whatever flavor it is) with a popsicle stick. This means it’s less creamy than your average popsicle, and more icy. For me, that made it slightly more difficult to eat, but I thought it was delicious none the less. I haven’t tried anything else on the menu, so I hope to come back soon and give it another go. For now, it’s recommended.

Recommendation: Recommended
Address: 590 Auburn Ave NE
Closest MARTA: King Memorial
Hours: Every day 9-5pm
Telephone: 404-588-0857
Website: Link Here

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